BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595

BissellCleanView9595For those individuals who are hoping to continue cleaning basic but yet compelling and exhaustive there is most likely the BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595 is the right decision. Amongst the different components, the OnePass improvement is indeed extraordinary to this vacuum clean. This improvement basically guarantees one of the most intense suction and inventive brush configurations which highlights and ensure that the earth is cleaned properly along the first pass.
The BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass 9595’ is a light weighted vacuum cleaner which is very high on execution and productivity. Although it weighs only 15.1 lbs, this vacuum possess some really fascinating components which make cleaning a simple occupation. The framework is extremely renowned for force suction which is highly dependable. Also, it accompanies different components such as simple void soil tank, tank channel which is effortlessly launderable and HEPA sifting frameworks.

Cyclonic system

From the start to the end of your cleaning the 9595 Bissell vacuum will sustains its cleaning power due to the fact that it is infused with something called cyclonic system. This also ensures that all the dirt and dust particles within the air and areas that are difficult to reach is sucked up into the vacuum with the cleaner’s long lasting suction.

Multi-level filtration

It is impossible for you to have a sparkling clean carpet if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t capture dust particles in the air. This is why the Bissell cleanview upright vacuum cleaner is designed in such a way with a multi-level filtration which consist of both HEPA filtration and a rinsable foam filters which make maintenance simple. HEPA filtration ensures that all the dust particles and allergens are all captured so that any of them don’t escape off into the air.

Advanced and innovative brush technology

Due to this technology, the brush is able to rotate deep down into the carpet fibers to remove the dust particles which may be stuck down in there. It also uses this technology along with its strong suction power to leave your carpet spotless.

5 height adjustments

This vacuum cleaner also has a manual height regulation system that helps its users to clean different carpet types without changing the vacuum cleaner. Not only this, it also alows the vacuum cleaner to be able to be used on different heights without much problem.

One pass technology

The Bissell cleanview 9595 uses a great combination of a strong suction power together with an innovative brush design a to ensure that only one pass is enough to capture all the dirt. Using this technology, even that deep ground in dirt within your carpet will be removed in the shortest possible time.

25 foot cord

With this extremely long power cord, you are now better able to clean much larger spaces without having to unplug the vacuum. This in return makes it even quicker to clean the entire floor since you no longer keep looking for different power source in which to plug the vacuum cleaner.


  • This is a great for removing stubborn dust and your pet hair, as mentioned earlier the Bissell 9595 vacuum cleaner is infused with a cyclonic system which provides powerful cleaning and a strong suction throughout the sessions. It also utilizes its innovative brush technology which rotates deep down into the carpet to remove these grounds in dirt and pet hair that seems difficult to remove.
  • Comes at a geat price, this vacuum cleaner can performs excellently yet it comes at a quite fair price in comparison to other vacuum cleaner that manufacturers claims to be high quality. This however makes the machine quite affordable to everyone.
  • Simple dust emptying: removing the dust vacuum’s tank is quite simple since you only press a button to empty the dirt. There is absolutely no mess.
  • It does not make much noise; the cleanview vacuum cleaner from Bissell basically gives you all the comfort that you need while cleaning and maintaining a very quiet all through.


  • Its performance on floors is not as good as one would want it; some customers that used this vacuum cleaner stated that it kept releasing dirt while being used on bare floors.
  • Its 5 height adjustment is manual, this means that when changing to a different height or floor types users have to adjust the vacuum manually. This can be a bit hectic and slow at times, it is not like other vacuums that automatically adjust.

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