Are You Searching For The Right Cordless Vacuum

If you are searching for just the right cordless vacuum, you may be surprised at how many variations there are. Have a checklist in mind of the specific features you want, and you will probably be able to find one that meets your needs. Once you read through the comparisons below, you may find a few more items that are important to you that didn’ t immediately come to mind.

The Sweeper Cordless Vacuum

These are actually not vacuums. They are more accurately called sweepers, because there is no suction. These gadgets put you in mind of something your great-grandmother might have used before they came out with electric vacuums.

The sweeper is what you see the restaurant workers using and probably have a hard time imagining how they can do much good. However, they are extremely quiet compared to motorized vacuums and very cheap. Bissell makes one that sells for about $18.

The Handheld Cordless Vacuum

These are the little handivacs that are nice to have for vehicles or quick crumb cleanup. Dust Devil’ s cordless version leaves a lot to be desired. The very first time I used mine, with a perfectly new, clean filter, I was thoroughly unimpressed and a little irritated. The suction was a joke. On the contrary, there are probably much more powerful versions available.

ReadiVac claims to be more powerful and efficient than its competitors and comes with crevice and upholstery tools. Euro-pro makes one with a motorized brush roll to get up pet hair, and Hoover makes a wet/dry handheld vacuum. These two sell for as little as $40 and $25 respectively.

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The Two-In-One Cordless Vacuum

There are even cordless vacuums designed with kids in mind. The Bissell Scooby-Doo cordless vacuum can be used by children as young as six years old, but is realenough to be used by adults too. This model is only about $40, depending on where you buy it.

Oreck makes a more high-scale two-in-one vacuum for $100 that can be used like an upright with a handheld that detaches. It folds down to store it away. Eureka makes a two motor vacuum with a brush roll that you can buy at for just $35.

A couple of these two-in-one versions look nothing like an upright but have all the advantages of an upright. These cordless vacuums are basically handhelds with long attachments, so you still don’ t have to bend over to use them, but you can take the attachments off for cleaning furniture, etc.

Both the Makita and the Monster have good reviews, but the former costs $100 and the latter $60. The Makita may be more powerful, as it is intended to be able to vacuum up nails, staples, screws, and other workshop litter.

The Three-In-One Cordless Vacuum

Singer has a $70 cordless vacuum that can act as a stick, upright, or handheld, and the handle folds down to store it. It claims to be equally as powerful as a corded upright vacuum and boasts a filtration system that won’ t allow any dust to escape. The Ewbank 123 is listed for $90 but can be found as low as $50, and its handle also adjusts and retracts.

The Robotic Cordless Vacuum

The last cordless vacuum to mention is in a class all its own. There are a few robotic vacuums out there, but most likely the best comes from the originator of the idea, Their Roomba runs on its own, can be scheduled, and returns to its own docking station to recharge when it is done.

It has a series of cheerful beeps and chirps to let you know if it has encountered trouble or just to let you know when it is starting or finishing. The cheapest imitator goes for about $90 but may not be worth your money from the sound of the reviews.

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The Roomba has a baseline model for about $150, or their newest version sells for about $330. There are a couple more expensive imitators with only slight differences that sell for an insane $1,800. The only thing these robots wouldn’ t be good for is cleaning furniture, drapes, ceiling fans, and the like, but for day-to-day cleaning they get rave reviews.

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