Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor DeepRug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner an upright deep carpet cleaner. It is different from most of the deep cleaning carpet cleaners in terms of suction power that it generates. It can generate 75 percent more suction power as compared to other deep carpet cleaners. The deep carpet cleaner features two brushes to clean both sides of your carpet.

It doesn’t only clean both sides of your carpet but also it polish the carpet surface at the same time. All types of carpets don’t need same level of cleaning. Some of the heavily soiled carpets need deep cleaning. You can use the super boost feature of the deep carpet cleaner to clean the most soiled carpets.

Here is one ready to use carpet cleaner that requires no assembly. Extra suction The carpet cleaner uses 75 percent more suction as compared to its peers to clean dirt and water from the carpet. As a result of which you don’t need let your carpet dry for a longer period of time. The suction nozzle of the carpet cleaner is pretty wide through which you can see the cleaning path.

The 12 inch nozzle path helps in generating better suction power. It is not only the performance of the deep carpet cleaner that is evident of its suction power but also suction measuring machine proves its high suction potential. Ease of use and mobility The carpet cleaner enhances your experience every time you use it for cleaning purpose.

The water tank of the cleaner has large opening lid which makes it easy for you to fill and remove water easily. You can easily measure how much soap you should use for cleaning purpose. You can easily fold the handle when the cleaner is not in use. The cleaner gives you painless cleaning experience every time.

Performance and quality The best performance indicator is the CRI gold rating that the machine has received. Apart from that it is the only machine to have dual action brush for thorough cleaning of both sides of the carpet. You can turn on the super boost mode of the carpet cleaner to turn on the super-cleaning mode for heavily soiled carpets. To turn on that mode you just need to press one knob.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet

Pros of the product

  • The deep carpet cleaner can provide you home cleaning like a pro.
  • The roller brush of the cleaner is highly power and reachable to the maximum extent possible.
  • It doesn’t require any assembly unlike any other contemporary deep carpet cleaners.
  • It is easy to fill water and empty dirt from the tank because of large opening lid.

Customer reviews Most of the customers got surprised with the results that cleaner tuned out. Some of customers suggest easy cleaning methods which they have experimentally discovered while using the machine over time. The customers are bullish about the performance and durability of the machine.

Cons of the product Customers are not happy about its cord wrap and tool wrap. Conclusion Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner certainly has comparative advantage over other carpet cleaners available in the market. Combination of dual-brush and painless cleaning puts the product on top of the all deep carpet cleaners.

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