Some Of The Techniques On How to stop puppy biting

Puppies spend most of their time playing, chewing, and checking objects in their mouth because this is how they learn to understand whether it is worthy of continuing to pursue. Then again, I realized that if I do not know how to get my puppy to stop biting, he could be of danger to me and other children.

Puppies bite, especially when they first get their milk teeth. These teeth are very tiny and sharp. When they play with people, they bite, chew on people’s hands and clothing. Puppies learn their biting either from their mother, or other members of their pack.

When the puppy’s biting really gets out of hand should you think about steps how to get it to stop biting and below is some of the techniques on How to stop puppy biting.

How to stop puppy biting

1. Obedience training

One technique to get a puppy to stop biting is by obedience training involving water. What you do is take a water sprayer, wait for your puppy to chew on something, and spray water on it. A nice, good spray, especially when caught off-guard, is a great way to get your puppy to stop biting.

Of course, for this to work you have to be around your puppy enough so that you can quickly catch and punish it whenever it’s doing something wrong.

2. Yelp approach

Another good technique to stop puppies from biting is called the yelp approach, and is used to make the puppy stop biting you or other people and not items around the house. Basically, instead of saying NO or getting angry at your puppy, you yelp when they bite you.

This is tied to the dog pack mentality (which applies also to dogs at play), that by yelping you trick the puppy into thinking you got bit too hard, and will stop biting. This is also a great technique because it doesn’t cause you to intimidate or confuse your puppy, keeping it from getting upset.

3. Orange peels

Yet another technique is to use orange peels to keep your puppy from biting. Dogs don’t really like orange peels, so you can put orange peels on whatever items your puppy likes to bite, and those will make your puppy keep away from that item.

If you don’t have orange peels then white pepper can do the job too. After your puppy has been experiencing orange peels for some time, it will learn to keep away from these items.

Biting issues is tough to deal with. I tried to coach my puppy on my own, nevertheless I eventually enlist the aid of an authorized Professional Dog Trainer to help me How to stop puppy biting me.

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